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I've been searching for a way to remove this adapter in a correct manner.

The search results I've come up with suggest it's not removable once the small plastic piece breaks (once sufficient torque is applied). Needless to say, that's long gone as the adapter is been installed for an unknown number of years.

I also found someone who displayed a photo of a homemade tool he created. I don't really understand how it would work, but...

I also found the following statement:

"You can actually remove this Hansen adapter if you do not break off the installation piece, or if you fashion your own removal tool, or use a narrow pliers to remove it by grabbing on the narrow band on the outside edge of the threaded portion."

While I can explore that as an option, I'm looking for something more "official" if it exists.

I do have a photo of my install but I can only create a text post or else my post gets removed. I'd be happy to share.

Could anyone point me in the right direction to remove this adapter/hose? I would like to get rid of the grill that it's attached to and remove the hose from my patio.

Thank you in advance!



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Zeeinsoundfromwayout t1_jcd7iqo wrote

Figure out how to Imgur the picture or something.

The quote you read tellsMe the official answer is there is no official. I’m guessing the narrow pliers is what most home cooks use.


rxpharmd OP t1_jcd7u0k wrote


rxpharmd OP t1_jcdi0nb wrote

Haha. Later in the post he said someone took it. ☹️


MeshColour t1_jcgh6w6 wrote

Are you right-hand-loosening it?

>Had one of the other guys take it when I wasn't looking, he was all pissed off because it wouldn't work for him - didn't tell the idiot the fittings were left-hand thread!!!


rxpharmd OP t1_jcgi7h1 wrote

Yeah. I think it's probably just stuck. Will try some WD-40 after work today.


Randomchip t1_jcdtw20 wrote

Looks like a quick disconnect coupler. The collar that says GAS-MATE should slide away from the hose and you should be able to pull the hose out. If it's seized I would spray some WD-40 on it and try again. Once you have the hose removed the inside of the collar should have something to help unthread from what it's connected to. If you are able to remove the hose and link another picture I might be able to direct you a little further.


Zonx216 t1_jcg5k9c wrote

I did a little searching and this is exactly want this is. I don't know what this guy is talking about with a tool to get it off. Hose it with some PB blaster and slide that ring back.


Randomchip t1_jche7r8 wrote

I think he's talking about removing the portion of it with the retractable collar. Google image search shows some pictures with what looks like a plastic took to install and remove it.


MmmPeopleBacon t1_jcdiyof wrote

Does the ring on the outside spin or something? if that's the problem and you don't want to put it back on something like a vise or large c-clam could be used to crush the ring until it bit into the rest of the fitting and could then be loosened that way.

Also that link says it's a left handed thread which means righty loosely.

Tldr: getting it off shouldn't be too hard if you don't mind breaking it. Murph's tool was designed to not damage the fitting.


rxpharmd OP t1_jcdjv2s wrote

I'm not afraid at all of damaging it. Just not used to operating that way, haha.

From when I was messing with it the outside didn't budge - or was stuck.

I'll go out and mess with it more after work tomorrow.


MmmPeopleBacon t1_jcdlbr6 wrote

Just make sure it's a screw in kind and not soldered or something dumb like that


usedTP t1_jcdhto1 wrote

See if Murph will loan you his.


jet_heller t1_jcdl8g0 wrote

Well, based on what I see, which is very little, I would just take the cover off and remove a bunch of gas line until I was good.


Lord_Crumb t1_jcewyux wrote

Yeah that's probably how I would approach this scenario, that or just cut the hose off, I mean if he's removing the whole setup then why bother trying to keep either the grill or the hose totally intact?


wolfie379 t1_jceo1sd wrote

A device that’s meant to be installed on a propane tank (which needs to be refilled regularly), and is designed to break in a manner that will keep it from being removed? What the fuck were the designers thinking?

Seriously, they were expecting you to buy a new GasMate and a new tank every time you used a tank of propane.


HuskyTalesOfMischief t1_jcg2spw wrote

Its so the quick disconnect fitting doesn't get over tightened into the cylinders valve. Either install it carefully till the black insert starts to flex and stop or break the plastic insert and extract qd with needlenose pliers/vice grips at later point in time.

It doesn't need to be removed from tank to fill it with gas. There's a variety of standardized lp fill valves/fittings that your lp refueling station can push gas through.


signal15 t1_jcgimil wrote

This is the same mechanism used on an air hose. Just pull the ring back, and it will disengage the ball bearings or rods that lock it in place. Don't use tools on it or you will break something.


rxpharmd OP t1_jcq8e8a wrote

So, with copious amounts of WD-40 this worked exactly as described. Thank you!


alabasterwilliams t1_jcel6cm wrote

It looks like a compression fitting, without knowing anything about gasmate.

If it is a compression fitting, you’ll need something to disengage the collar that keeps compression. You could make a shim out of an aluminum food can, just ensure there’s no gas in the line while you’re working.


your_mail_man t1_jcett43 wrote

That looks like a quick coupler. If you push the outside ring towards the grill, you should see a clip at the end of the inside piece, It should just be a round circle clip. If you take a small screwdriver and lift that out of the groove and remove it, the outer collar should slide off, the balls that hold the hose in will fall out, and you should be able to grab the inside part with pliers. Again, it is propane, so it is RIGHT to loosen.


its_the_new_style t1_jcga53c wrote

If you are just trying to get rid of the grill and remove the hose you shouldn't have to worry about removing the adapter. Simply pull the collar back and pull the hose out like this .


Smokeoutx420 t1_jcehza3 wrote

Official? Don't DIY it. For me I've brute forced it with improvised tools and it seems you have plenty of recommendations already for that.