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ebonwulf60 t1_je5blsq wrote

Agreed. They have the benefit of being moveable and can offer a wider berth than a corner perch. The corner seats end up being a place to set hair care products.


sfmtl t1_je5l78v wrote

Have corner bench, can confirm it is covered in bottles


Rev_DC t1_je75qtf wrote

In my life, I've had two showers with corner benches and one with a full-on molded shower-width seat. Can confirm that any elevated surface will just be filled with bottles. It's human nature.


Fly_over_ks t1_je7g687 wrote

Not for the seat that was in my shower in my early 20's. That was my "wash the poor choices you made the night before" hangover seat


Hrimgrimir t1_je8wzd9 wrote

I've got an empty PBR can sitting on my bench for years now serving as the memorial for this exact thing.


GforceDz t1_je8wx5v wrote

The law of surface tension. Any horizontal surface will seek to be covered. Once covered they become an annoyance, this is due to the items covering the surface seeking other surfaces to inhabit.

Common battles ensue between men tools and woman's make-up products, these two being the most prolific and virile surface consuming objects.


CountOfSterpeto t1_je9n4i7 wrote

Hey man, no need to get personal.

I'm planning on moving those tools to the basement as soon as there's enough of them to make it worth the trip.


Honest-Sugar-1492 t1_je5sfuo wrote

Agreed. Not much more useful than a perch for one's foot if shaving your legs....or for bottles