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meh35m t1_je5vatb wrote

I just redid our second bathroom.

I found folding shower seats...

They don't take up space and don't exist until you want/need them to!

Lol, we're in our early 40's now, but 80 will be here in a few weeks. Might as well be ready for it 🤣🤣


ThisUsernameIsTook t1_je6duoc wrote

The white one that folds up rather than down looks like a hazard to me. I know for a fact that I would scrape my leg against the exposed metal a least twice (because I wouldn't learn after the first time).


meh35m t1_je6iba0 wrote

It's super smooth.

I'm guessing so you don't injure yourself...

And it's far enough back to where you're only going to be near it, if you're sitting on it. (As far as the shower head blasts water)

And if you're near the bench, you have to use the wand to wash yourself.