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EddieLobster t1_je6tv8z wrote

Home inspections are a scam anyway. The stuff these guys pick out is usually blatantly obvious. The things they should be looking at , they can’t, unless the seller is willing to let them to open walls. People are good at hiding things.


ribsies t1_je7g6kl wrote

"roof looks fine, need a roofer to check it out further"


sub-hunter t1_je8sxjn wrote

Basically the wording of any inspection I e ever paid for


hoser1553 t1_je8lpv0 wrote

Depends on the state. Grew up in MA, bought and sold several houses there. The inspectors went DEEP, removed covers, actually investigated things, and were allowed to do so. In Texas, the pre MLS reports and buyer inspections are laughably bad. The shit I found immediately after closing that absolutely would have been noted by my inspector in MA were missed by two inspectors in Texas. Turns out, it's because they aren't allowed to remove things like switch and outlet covers. All they can do is say "Switch doesn't seem to do anything, contact electrician" when simply removing the cover will reveal that the asshats who built the house used the quick wire slots in the back of the switches and outlets and they had cracked over time leaving the wire loose in the box. $1, 2 minute fix for anyone with a brain.