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fredsam25 t1_jed241v wrote

Flip this box around and make it face the closest. There are fittings that allow the conduit to connect to the box, you'll have to loosen the nuts and take the conduit off the box along with the wires. Cut a hole in the closet for this box. Then flip the box around and put the conduit back on. Now use this box as a junction box for new outlet you want on the bookcase side. Lastly, patch the previous hole on the bookcase side.


JamesHoIden OP t1_jed5iln wrote

Exactly what I’m doing! In fact, I probably won’t even add a new outlet. I would have just put a plate on the box, pushed it into the wall and patched over the hole if it wasn’t against code. Got this same idea from a couple other brilliant minds on here, thank you!