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cptnamr7 t1_iubvhqb wrote

Hard to say without seeing both sides exactly how this one works, but that hole looks suspicious. I'd try pushing a small nail in there to see if it releases something. Or the other side may have a small tab to push in to release the handle. Or it may ha e screws to simply tighten for all I know at this point. I'm assuming not or you wouldn't be asking. But I'd starting poking in any holes/tabs you find while pulling on a knob to see what happens. (There's a joke in there somewhere...)


SuspiciousChicken t1_iubzv4x wrote

Yes. Need more pictures from all directions of this side of the door handle, and the other.


beccasr OP t1_iuc3k6m wrote

Hi, I just added a couple more photos.


SuspiciousChicken t1_iuc5qh7 wrote

there it is - remove the handle with a hex wrench (allen key) at that set screw here. After that, you can probably just pop off the rose using a flat blade screwdriver under the edge, and you'll have access to the main fasteners that are holding that lock in place.


beccasr OP t1_iuc3k0z wrote


Thanks for your help... and humor :)

I've added a couple more photos. The hole on the front is to unlock the door.


Mbeuchert t1_iuc46qk wrote

On picture three there is a pinion screw on the handle which you can loosen with a small allen key in order to remove the handle.


Razkal719 t1_iuc7uaw wrote

Remove the set screw on the shank of the handle to remove the handle. On the same side there's a setscrew on the seam of the middle and the escutcheon, then you can remove the escutcheon. That should expose the screws that go through the door and hold on the opposite handle. Tighten those screws.


bufftbone t1_iuc13h0 wrote

There might be a little bitch under it that you take a small flathead and pop it off.


beccasr OP t1_iuc3tg8 wrote

Do you mean to use a flathead under the rose/outer circular part?


Nefarious_Compliment t1_iuciyki wrote

The side with the hole looks to have a slight indent on the top. Use a flat head screwdriver to pop it off, the ring will flop around in the post of that handle. The screws are underneath.


beccasr OP t1_iucwcg5 wrote

Hi All,

Thanks to all of you I was able to remove the rose and tighten the handle! :)