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jb32647 t1_isedsza wrote

The main issue is that the one downside is that lithium batteries can easily catch fire if mistreated, and they cannot be put out (which is why most RC hobbyists keep a bucket of sand on their workbench). If you're not super familiar with lithium cells it is easy to make a small mistake that could start a big fire. Please just save your money for a bit longer and buy an off-the-shelf unit.


The_cogwheel t1_iseooyg wrote

If you absolutely, positively cannot afford off the shelf lithium system, at least consider going lead acid (aka car batteries). They require more maintenance than lithium (you have to top up the water in them) and more ventilation (they produce hydrogen gas while charging) but carry less risk of catastrophic fire if mishandled.

It's still risky, and something that I still don't fully advise doing, but if you're gonna be bullheaded about it, then at least pick the option with less chances of burning your home to the ground.

As a bonus, you can later upgrade to lithium cells, so you can still get your system up and running soon, and upgrade to lithium whenever funds permit.