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glitterybugs t1_islkvx6 wrote

I have had so many painters and general contractors out and none of them have been reliable. I’m to the point where I am thinking I’ll have to do my home improvement projects myself. Trouble is, I have very little knowledge. Really a noob. Where should I start to learn about home improvement? The project itself is a bad wallpaper job that needs to be removed and painted but at this point I just need to know where does someone even get started learning how to do these things themselves?


--Ty-- t1_ismcf6p wrote

>Where should I start to learn about home improvement?

This question gets asked a lot here, and unfortunately, it's far too broad of a question to answer with anything useful, other than "Start by learning anywhere you can, be that books, TV shows, Youtube, or real people. Whichever modes of learning you prefer and have access to."

It's much easier for us to make recommendations of content-creators for specifics trades or skills you might be interested in, or for a specific project you want to tackle.

I can't point you in the direction of good wallpaper removal videos, but in terms of painting the walls once you're ready, This Old House has lots of great beginner-friendly painting videos on Youtube.


Razkal719 t1_islz2mo wrote

In a previous millennium I'd say your local library, but today just go to YouTube. Search for removing wallpaper. If it's a big room I recommend renting a steamer for small jobs the spray works ok. Then search for vids on painting, but not Bob Ross vids.