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John-the-cool-guy t1_itxmpix wrote

I heard the golden rule is...

"Caulk and paint will make you a saint"


dsdsds t1_itxnslf wrote

That’s the difference between carpenters and cabinet makers. You would think they are the same but scale and detail are the difference.

Cabinet makers do amazing perfect finish work, but it would take them 2 years to frame a house.


nah-meh-stay t1_itxn8am wrote

There's a limit - the house will settle and you'll be caulking later.


Rcarlyle t1_itxnp75 wrote

Something to remember with caulk is that you need a certain bead width to accommodate a certain amount of movement. Wood expands and contracts seasonally. A 1mm wide bead of caulk would need to stretch 100% to stay intact if the 1mm gap becomes 2mm in winter when the wood dries out. Most caulks can’t do that, and will crack. A 3mm or 1/8” wide bead of caulk is more likely to be able to stretch by 1mm up to 4mm without breaking. So in a serious way, caulk is better at filling BIG gaps, and a poor solution when the fit is quite close. Check the expansion rating for the product, and think about how that relates to the movement of the gap you’re trying to fill.


ResponsibleShampoo t1_itxn2u5 wrote

If it isn't a competition, cheating is just increased efficiency!


Galen_415 t1_itxpv5g wrote

You win some, you caulk some


Mrstpaul t1_itxnd5z wrote

You get what you pay for in most cases.


minimax34 t1_itxqerf wrote

caulk and fill after the wood is primed otherwise it wont stick well and will fall out after about a yeat


Guygan t1_itxrrzl wrote

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kittenfordinner t1_itxs3xv wrote

It kind of depends, but if you think you are going to get away with something clever, you probably won't, but whatever you do, don't tell anybody and they might never notice.