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I’m prepping a wall for wallpaper and removed the sink. I’ve disconnected many water hoses in the past and they’ve all had a female threaded nipple to disconnect from the Bibb.


The end of the water hose going into the bottom of these seem push to connect maybe? How do I remove these.

If there is a way to install the wall paper without removing them that would be helpful to know.

Thanks in advance.



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solderfog t1_iwmafyu wrote

Over the years, these thing have gotten cheaper and crappier. But that takes the cake! It looks like they're permanently attached (save on threading!) but only a guess.


ThePresidentsNipples t1_iwmf7n3 wrote

Yup I've had one just pop right off under a sink. Another guy tried to change his supply line to the toilet not realizing, I came in to dude on his belly playing dutch boy with his finger in the dike.


HopMonkey t1_iwmtkky wrote

You have PEX water lines and an annoying all in one shutoff and hose connector. I hate this design and I have them all over my house.

These are not really removable without turning off the water to the house, draining the water lines, cutting them off, and putting in a new shutoff that doesn't have the hose attached.


Jon-Snowfalofagus OP t1_iwmttog wrote

This is what I’ve feared and assumed. Thank you.


BearLindsay t1_iwnwn1g wrote

Buy once, cry once. Count up how many there are in your house and just do it all in one shot. Then you'll never have this issue again.


stepawayfromthegirls t1_iwo3oi2 wrote

In time, you will need to replace a faucet and the supply riser connection will leak because o rings wear out. Then you'll need to replace the entire assembly. You'll also find out at that point that your angle stop doesn't shut off completely because o rings and washers wear out, especially if your water is chlorinated. Then you won't be able to stop the drip from the supply line until it's replaced. It'll happen every time you replace a faucet if the stops are more than about 10 years old.

I speak from personal experience.


rpapafox t1_iwmdvev wrote

> If there is a way to install the wall paper without removing them that would be helpful to know.

You can measure the locations of the fixtures and cut holes in the wallpaper that will allow for the opening of the fixtures. Once that is done, take a knife and cut lines in the wallpaper from each hole to the other two hole. This will make three flaps that you bend away to create an opening that will allow the hoses and the fixtures to pass through as you maneuver the wallpaper onto the wall. After the wallpaper is on the wall, the flaps can be bent back so that the lines that you cut form an invisible seam.


Nothing_ t1_iwmgnxv wrote

Cut them off and sharkbite new connectors.


Odh_utexas t1_iwmvups wrote

Cut the stub out and put some real valves and hoses on there.


Bldaz t1_iwmierl wrote

Its behind the vanity?


Jon-Snowfalofagus OP t1_iwmlf5j wrote

It is. But it’s a pedestal sink so although it’s hidden it is still visible if you get on your knees, crawl under the sink and look up….. 🙃🙃


Jsnooots t1_iwmm93v wrote

I think you can only remove them from the faucet end and these are permanent.


Atropos_Is_Here t1_iwn6b3o wrote

Man, I hate these things. I've had to replace two so far in my life, and each time managed to crack the cpvc back in the wall when I did it. Luckily you've got what looks like pex, but still a pain.

Does anyone have a favorite type of this sort of valve? Something to incrementally upgrade to as I do repairs.


dominus_aranearum t1_iwnhvsi wrote

For this situation, 1/4 turn angle stop valves are the way to go. Less parts, last longer and more reliable that a multi-turn compression type valve.

If you're doing repairs on CPVC, you'd be better off replacing all of your plumbing supply. CPVC gets brittle after about 15 years because the material becomes more rigid with age. If it's never moved, it's fine. But when you go to change a shut off valve, they're easy to snap. I've had it happen on a regular PVC supply when removing the supply hose. That was a messy day.


Atropos_Is_Here t1_iwntnqi wrote

Yeah, that's a project that will be coming up soon. It'll be a bit of a job, but the peace of mind will be worth it!


Carlweathersfeathers t1_iwn5o2r wrote

Those escutcheons should pull away from the wall. Then you only have to cut for the water line and when you push them back they will cover it up. They may have been pressed up against wet paint and are now stuck.

Although I do agree with everyone else that removed bge those crappy valves now is the best option long term

Escutcheons are the plastic caps against the wall that prevent you from seeing the hole for the water lines and drain pipe. I’ve never seen this exact setup so they may be threaded into the drywall or have some form of light “clamping” action on the water line some how, but only a true asshole would permanently attach them. Permanently attaching them requires extra effort/cost.


sequoia_driftwood t1_iwnc9j9 wrote

That’s pex coming out of the wall. Turn off the water and drain your lines. There’s so much sticking out you should be able to just cut the pex, do the wallpaper, and put a new sharkbite on.


l397flake t1_iwne4qu wrote

These are 1 piece, don’t disconnect the hose you will have a flood. Best is to shut the water off at the meter, drain the water through a lower hose bib, and replace the entire valves (angle stops) with new ones were you screw in the hose at the valve and at the fixture it will make it much easier for future repairs.


hilroycleaver t1_iwngagx wrote

You’re screwed, I downloaded the free trial last year and it keeps popping up in my apps and my email. “Save money now” “PEEPS, get that special offer now!!”, “don’t be a hoser, we got you fam”. I haven’t slept in months, my wife left me and I think my dog is dead, HoseBib has ruined my life.


NAGDABBITALL t1_iwpf2jf wrote

Doesn't a Sharkbite removal tool work on pretty much all push to connect?


papiad999 t1_iwq1bjf wrote

That's wirsbo. Or propex. Its memory pipe with shrinking rings.


PointyWombat t1_iwmgy9b wrote

What have you tried so far? Can't you just remove the valve nut so the banjo fitting releases?