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1feralengineer t1_iybnkc2 wrote

Reply to comment by geramanj95 in Tapping noise in ceiling! by geramanj95

There could be something loose on the siding outside. Also, the backdraft flapper on a vent fan (kitchen or bathroom or even the dryer vent) can be affected by the wind (you can try turning the fan or dryer on when you hear the banging and see if that changes it). And rain can also find its way to dripping onto metal flashing/eves/vents.


geramanj95 OP t1_iyboux8 wrote

Building is brick outside but possible it’s a vent van. I’ll have to take a look at vent placement (may have to rent extremely tall ladder from HD to check out vents in detail ugh). But I will try turning on dryer or fan next time I hear it!