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Occasionally after I turn on my water, I noticed there is water leaking from the handel either when it's running or after it's shut off. After a quick YouTube search, it seems I need to replace the valve on the faucet.

I want to ask is the circular (pf1m) thingy a cover that hide the set screw? If not, how else should I approach this assuming replacing the faucet valve is the fix for the leakage?



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Razkal719 t1_ixy5by9 wrote

Yep, remove the little PF cover, use either your fingernail or a pocket knife. Then loosen the set screw and pull up to remove the handle. Then there's a bonnet cap under the knob, the bottom of it actually shows under the knob in the pic. Remove this bonnet nut, which will reveal the hex retainer nut that holds the cartridge valve in. Turn off the supply valve before removing or loosening the retainer nut. It may be enough to just tighten the retainer, but more likely you'll need to replace the cartridge. Remove the retainer nut and pull up on the cartridge. Take it with you to the store to get a matching one. It'll be a price fister.


MaurokNC t1_ixy1i19 wrote

Have you tried simply tightening what is known as the packing nut? It is the nut which has the post you attach the handle of the faucet to running through it. There is an O-ring between that nut and the body of the faucet that keeps the water from leaking out and over time, that nut can become loose and leak which is what I'm suspecting is your issue.


ubiken OP t1_ixy2qld wrote

That's helpful to know but I'm assuming in ordering for me to access or tighten the packing nut, it would still require me to take off the handle first right? I guess I'm still trying to figure out how to take off the handle to troubleshoot the leak.


kittenrice t1_ixy3af8 wrote

You're right about the set screw being under that logo thingy.

There won't be a packing nut on this type of faucet.