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i am trying to drill holes into sterilite box but the problem is the other side of the hole have plastic sticking out of it as shown in the picture.

is this due to the nature of the box i am trying to drill into?

is it the bit i am using?

this is my first time using a drill so help me with simple terms if this can be fixed. lol



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jamesinboise t1_ixg2lhu wrote

It's the plastic heating up and melting while the bit is going through. Might sound stupid but chill the bit and the box before drilling and that should help, also try to go through faster, but stay safe. You don't want a drill bit in your hand or thigh.

And yes that bit is going to be subpar for the work you're trying to do. Harbor freight has cheap bits that'll do what you want

These ones won't be good for much, but the light plastic, they'll be great.


msawwan3 OP t1_ixg4ege wrote

I'll try these bits tomorrow, thank you


TheTeenageOldman t1_ixg4uoy wrote

If you're using the bit shown in the photo, then you're using a screwdriver bit to try and drill a hole, which is not going to work. Try a drill bit, instead of a screwdriver bit.


msawwan3 OP t1_ixg5dri wrote

yea it did look odd to me.
i asked the a guy working at ace hardware for a drill bit to drill clean holes through plastic and he pointed me to that.


maciver6969 t1_ixgbjtv wrote

You can drill from the other side and have the burr on the inside, I own a deburring tool for plastic work like this it works like this I love them they are useful on lots of stuff.


msawwan3 OP t1_ixgch64 wrote

Awesome! I finally learned what the hell the extra scrap from various material is called. Burr!! Loool I'll definetely get a deburring tool to keep in the house. Thanks


ttkciar t1_ixgciyt wrote

We've had better luck heating wire over flame and poking holes with the hot wire.


homeinthetrees t1_ixgebms wrote

That's not a drill bit, it's Phillips Head screwdriver bit. You have actually melted a fole through the plastic, not drilled.

Get a proper drill bit, and you won't have that problem.


p0diabl0 t1_ixitwr0 wrote

Impression from first picture: You need to use a sharper drill bit.
Impression from second picture: You need to use a drill bit.


f_crick t1_ixg3bxf wrote

I’d try slowing down the drill if you haven’t already.


XFactor-41 t1_ixg4h5g wrote

Actually, you want the opposite. Speed it up and get through it quicker. It’s ok if there’s more friction so long as it punches through faster.


Tolenkanor t1_ixg5b64 wrote

To get a clean hole I would try using a piece of wood as backing while drilling.


msawwan3 OP t1_ixg6i2o wrote

as in place wood under the plastic and drill through the plastic into the wood?
if so, what are they called? i am trying to google drilling boards, woods etc and nothing showing up. or is it just any cheap piece of wood would suffice?


Tolenkanor t1_ixg8gec wrote

Use whatever you've got that will fit with the box, any scrap. I'd give it a try, and if that bit doesn't work out I'd consider picking up a new set of drill bits at the big smock store, with sales ramping up right now.


WendyBNoy t1_ixg68vy wrote

You can probably trim those off using a small pair of nail trimmers. As for drilling new holes, I like Tolenkanor's suggestion.


msawwan3 OP t1_ixg6pyj wrote

they are thick and not easy to trim, while i can fix a couple holes but i am planning to drill many. and not going to look pretty.


Psychological-Gas975 t1_ixjdbyo wrote

Go buy a bit used for glass , they look like an arrow start by making a small hole then go up the next size do that until you get to the appropriate diameter and spray the hole with water with just a drop of dish soap as you go for a nice clean hole


tommyleeyyz t1_ixjvxl7 wrote

Try this. Drill a hole with a bit that is several sizes smaller than the final size. This will be your pilot hole.

Using final size bit, slowly drill from "back" side (side that isn't seen as much) to a depth of half the thickness of the wall.

Then drill from the front side and finish the hole. Presumably, there will be less material being pushed out compared to fully drilling from only one side.