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obscure-shadow t1_ix0cj7j wrote

  1. Cut out as much of the rotted stuff as you can that isn't structural

  2. Identify the source of the leaking and stop any leaks, or if you are unable to handle that yourself, turn off the water to the toilet and drain it until a more qualified person is able to do so. If that is the only toilet in the house you should not be using it anyways and this is definitely an emergency situation that you should reach out to any and everyone possible to get fixed asap.

  3. Once the leak is stopped you can asses the damage to the structural portion and remediate. This is where further advice becomes useless without having actually seen the situation


Darryl_Lict t1_ix0i4qd wrote

If stuff has been leaking, the floor joists are probably rotting and you'll have to do a full teardown of the wall drywall and floor and replace them. Hopefully the walls are not compromised. This isn't cheap, but this is something that has to be done correctly.


obscure-shadow t1_ix0jb59 wrote

Possibly, though I have seen it not be the case before. Had a leaky bathtub drain that rotted a bit of the ceiling, pulled out the drywall, the floor sheeting around the drain was fine and so were joists, it had been dripping down the u bend just onto the drywall below. Sometimes you get lucky and things aren't as bad as they seem. Not always


psaux_grep t1_ix1vbea wrote

I suspect OP doesn’t know how to tell what’s structural, at least not at this point.


obscure-shadow t1_ix1w5ov wrote

It's probably not a good idea for op to try to diy this from a few sentences off the internet then...


flamefreak01 t1_ix1uvl4 wrote

I think everyone appreciates your suggestion and I can tell you put a lot of effort into it just want to advise on the cut out what isn't structural part. Its difficult for people without diy experience to tell what is and isn't structural and something like this should probably be stripped of drywall and subflooring then temporarily supported from below while the rot is removed. That can be very overwhelming for a first timer. Just make sure someone around knows what they're doing at least somewhat before you start removing and beams from the floor, even damaged ones.