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JerseyWiseguy t1_ixy879u wrote

Forget the crap they give you, and go buy some Tapcon concrete anchors. They're simply better.


ApocalypseLater93 OP t1_ixy9g3y wrote

Thanks for the tip, but they're a bit too pricey for what I need and quite hard to get here in Australia.


the_grape_one t1_ixyr5qn wrote

How much are they?

These are pretty comparable to how much tap ones are in Canada and look to be similar

Having used both taocons and anchor sleeves I LOVE tapcons/concrete screws way more


quackerzdb t1_ixzyq5n wrote

Crappy Tire has a set of half a dozen screws plus the bit for like $10


the_grape_one t1_iy09foj wrote

OP is in Australia, and unless Canadian tire is wildly more successful than I expected, may not be accessible


the_grape_one t1_iy09r97 wrote

Totally misread your comment. Apparently my impression of inflation in the concrete screw market is a bit hyperbolic. My bad


2ndGenX t1_ixy7ihk wrote

11.7 is the plug size, the drill size is 10mm


ApocalypseLater93 OP t1_ixy9bie wrote

I did drill a 10mm hole, but the plug won't fit, it's slightly too small, every time I've tried to hammer it in, it's buckled and broken


zealNW t1_ixyaf1m wrote

You want to push it in as much as you can by hand first then lightly tap in with a hammer. You can use your 10mm bit to round the hole out a little bit bigger if you need but you want the plug to be snug.


ApocalypseLater93 OP t1_ixyay21 wrote

Thanks I'll give it a go!


virusofthemind t1_ixyrxvi wrote

Just over round the hole sightly by rotating the drill in a circle as you drill. Make sure to get the dust out too, use a vacuum cleaner nozzle.


The_cogwheel t1_ixz4roo wrote

You could also use a screwdriver (preferably a square or Roberson) to sit inside the anchor and tap the driver with the hammer. A little easier to knock it in if you're in a weird spot or lack hand eye coordination.


CrysStephens t1_ixy7q9c wrote

Also, maybe a masonry bit(?) if the one you have wont work.


phyrros t1_ixycktj wrote

the plug seems to be imperial with a 15/32 drill. Either get such a drill or chose another plug.

12mm should be fine


(pls correct me if I'm wrong, but I just had to guestimate the conversion)


RL203 t1_ixyqhfy wrote

You are correct

11.7/25.4 * 32 = 14.74 /32



sfzombie13 t1_ixynhcz wrote

wrong. 15/32" is 0.46875" while 11.7mm converts to 0.46062992125984253" according to one place i looked.


Peppyperoni t1_ixyq33f wrote

I don't think it's an aerospace grade drywall anchor. I think a 0.008" tolerance will be acceptable.


sfzombie13 t1_ixyxlbe wrote

did you read the other comment? must've missed the part where it said "pls correct me if I'm wrong"...

also, if op is using a drywall anchor in brick, something else is gonna happen regardless of the tolerances.


Peppyperoni t1_ixz52kn wrote

Sorry to interupt your hair splitting. Did you read op's post? Looks like a drywall anchor to me.


sfzombie13 t1_ixz6fbc wrote

i didn't say it was or wasn't, i said if op was using a drywall anchor there something else was gonna happen. i don't know if they'll work, i use the correct things whenever i can. op also said tapcons were hard to come by down there. yeah, i read them all.


The_cogwheel t1_ixz54se wrote

Found the pain in the ass engineer every tradesman hates.

Seriously, 8 thousandths of an inch is entering the territory of CNC machining, not hanging a hose reel.


Just_wanna_talk t1_ixzvo8t wrote

I mean, technically he's right. If it truely were simply a 15/32" conversion it would have worked out to roughly 11.9mm.

Either they converted it wrong, or it wasn't originally 15/32"

Otherwise they would have stated 11.9mm instead of 11.7mm


sfzombie13 t1_ixz6ico wrote

when someone asks for folks to correct them if they;re wrong, why do others feel the need to say something about the correction? piss off.


AccidentallyUpvotes t1_ixzfqi3 wrote

"Correct me if I'm wrong" usually means one of two things;

  1. correct me if I'm wrong enough to make a material difference, or if it means my guidance would cause a problem if not corrected

  2. correct me if I'm wrong which I'm not, but I'm trying to be polite about it.


sfzombie13 t1_iy15v0v wrote

and? op makes a comment, asks for corrections, i give one, and you're upset about it. piss off loser.


The_cogwheel t1_ixz7gm4 wrote

Do you understand how small 0.008" is? A human hair is 0.003".

You're literally splitting hairs just so you can walk around pretending you're clever.


alistair1537 t1_ixzvjit wrote

I think you should explain that you're OCD - like Rainman - to everyone, 'cause at this point you're just a jerk.


sfzombie13 t1_iy15nrx wrote

yeah, just move on along buddy. or piss off, doesn't matter to me.


lightskinkanye t1_ixykuiw wrote

12mm will be completely fine. Also if the wall plug is bent/warped after your first few attempts you might have to get some new ones. Can be a real pain to get deformed plugs into correct holes. Head in to the big green shed and get something like these. You can probably find some cheaper ones, that was just the first one that showed up on Google. Not bad to keep some of these around if you have a brick house.

Also make sure you're using masonry bits, and if your masonry bits are cheap/dull the hole you're drilling will likely be smaller than it should be. So either get a new sharp set, or you can just kind of rotate the drill bit around in the hole while moving in and out to hollow it out the extra mm.

Edit: also if you've got a cheap hammer drill and masonry bits. My advice is to start with a small hole 4-5mm and then use step up to the bigger bits. It will be much easier on the drill, bits and your arm.


ApocalypseLater93 OP t1_ixylpb7 wrote

Perfect, thanks for the advice mate. I actually picked that exact box up this afternoon after I warped 2/4 of the plugs that came in the kit.


cerulean94 t1_ixzmflc wrote

Ive always wanted a Universal Hex/Allen Wrench sizing chart with slots to put in the key to confirm lol... so many of them.


Bassinyoface358 t1_iy0wuat wrote

15/32 drill bit. 25.4 is the magic number for this conversion.


No_Consideration3868 t1_iy1xfrm wrote

Omg use a tapcon ans be done. Don't turn it into a science project it's a screw!


RedditVince t1_ixzw0iz wrote

Yes a 12 mm should work. It may not hold quite as tight but should work fine. Make sure to fill the hole with silicone sealant so everything is watertight after install.

I 100% do not recommend drilling into your bricks or the mortar. This is permanently damaging your house and personally I don't feel worth it for a hose reel.