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ApocalypseLater93 OP t1_ixy9bie wrote

I did drill a 10mm hole, but the plug won't fit, it's slightly too small, every time I've tried to hammer it in, it's buckled and broken


zealNW t1_ixyaf1m wrote

You want to push it in as much as you can by hand first then lightly tap in with a hammer. You can use your 10mm bit to round the hole out a little bit bigger if you need but you want the plug to be snug.


ApocalypseLater93 OP t1_ixyay21 wrote

Thanks I'll give it a go!


virusofthemind t1_ixyrxvi wrote

Just over round the hole sightly by rotating the drill in a circle as you drill. Make sure to get the dust out too, use a vacuum cleaner nozzle.


The_cogwheel t1_ixz4roo wrote

You could also use a screwdriver (preferably a square or Roberson) to sit inside the anchor and tap the driver with the hammer. A little easier to knock it in if you're in a weird spot or lack hand eye coordination.