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Caveman108 t1_ixu339p wrote

One thing I’ve found that works for the sideloaders is to leave the door open unless it’s in use. Smell comes from it staying damp between cycles. If it stays open it can actually dry out.


Prepare2InigoMontoya t1_ixu3lwb wrote

I keep the door slightly open, and keep the drawer open an inch or so to allow air to circulate.


ToolMeister t1_ixudgqe wrote

Yea that's what you have to do with front loaders.

Coming from Europe I always thought that was common knowledge until I heard all the Americans complain about their stinky "modern washers".

We have been using front loaders for decades, no issues if you know how to use them.

TLDR: Don't use too much detergent, even better don't use softener at all and let the machines air out.


YLR2312 t1_ixxf6n3 wrote

Top loaders are intended to be left open to dry too. I've read it on the instructions on the machine, I think some people just lack the common sense.


Highlandadventurer t1_ixu3n2e wrote

I started doing this as well. And leaving the soap drawer open a little. It let's it all dry out and stops any smells.


killbills t1_ixuenyq wrote

Do the same for top loaders too. The mildew smell is from whatever water is left and leaving the lid open dries and airs it out. Never have an issue with the washer having an odor.


bukakerooster t1_ixui809 wrote

The side loader we got earlier this year has a "venting" mode that runs after the load for a few hours to dry out the door seal. Seems to work pretty well.