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panterspot t1_ixu7uo1 wrote

Every few weeks? This doesn't sound normal.


CygnusX-1-2112b t1_ixuaozo wrote

That's how I actually have to do mine. Probably a problem with the basin draining or using too much detergent. Still haven't figured out which mine is, yet.


WardStradlater t1_ixurfyp wrote

Probably the latter. We all use wayyyy more detergent than is actually needed. I watched an interesting video online from a professional laundromat owner that showed how modern detergent is so concentrated that using more than one pod or a small capful is actually super bad for the clothes and the machine. In that same video he talked about how fabric softener is actually harmful for clothes and your washer too and recommends using natural fabric softeners like vinegar as well.

EDIT: I’m not chastising you either, I openly admit that I use wayyyy too much detergent hahaa. I’m a nurse so I’m paranoid about my clothes not being clean enough or the washer having bacteria in it for the kids clothes to get dirtied by when washing theirs separate.


WardStradlater t1_ixur6wf wrote

You don’t clean your washing machine every few weeks? I’m not saying I HAVE to because of odor, I’m saying it’s part of my regular cleaning schedule to prevent sever build up.