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If it was my own place I'd just replace it, but I'm in a rental so can't replace or do anything extreme like drill into the grouting.

Its painted metal, and the metal has rusted and the paint has peeled off. This flat is quite grubby so we're looking to spruce it up a little within our confines of renting - how would you tidy this up?

Basically I think we need to strip the paint off of it, get rid of the rust and repaint it. But my DIY knowledge is sort of limited to sanding and painting stuff, no idea about stripping paint/rust etc

Were in London UK so idk if that helps




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tatpig t1_iycyxqc wrote

remove the surface rust and use Rustoleum Hammered finish paint. i have had excellent results with this paint. pricey,but holds up well.


stumpdawg t1_iycx9sr wrote

You should hit it with POR15 it will stop/slow the corrosion from spreading and either leave it black or pain over the POR15


Hambone25 t1_iyd8b5n wrote

POR is overkill for the cost. Any rust paint should do


stumpdawg t1_iyd9i0f wrote

Por is never overkill when it comes to rust.

You can.snag a small can for like 30 bucks


slashfromgunsnroses t1_iycykib wrote

Not grind off the rust and sand a little first?


Healthyreddit_123 OP t1_iycysb9 wrote

Should mention we're in a small 1 bed flat on a budget, so power tools (aside from hand drill) are a bit unfeasible. One day I'll have the shed with all the big boys but that day is not today unfortunately


slashfromgunsnroses t1_iyd0aok wrote

Think at least some sandpaper can help you clear the worst of the debris - it will look nicer in the end


Lehk t1_iydwnti wrote

Don’t mess with it, fixing the rust requires removing the shelf from the tile, if a leak develops where it’s screwed in, you could get blamed for the damage even if you didn’t actually cause it.


Theinsulated t1_iye17c8 wrote

Get some mason jars and other rustic ornaments and just go with it.


Kesshh t1_iyefxpx wrote

How is it mounted? If you can cleanly remove it, put something else up and then put this back when you leave the place?


UncleAtom t1_iyczgz9 wrote

Assuming you are able to remove it from where it is, a product like Naval Jelly brushed onto the rusty surfaces would neutralize the rust. Evaporust also works well. Sand and prime the treated areas , then paint.


Healthyreddit_123 OP t1_iyd9og3 wrote

That sounds like some good advice, cheers will look into those products


Bleuenoser t1_iye044x wrote

Crazy as it sounds, white vinegar is pretty good at cleaning up rust.


reidmrdotcom t1_iyczu43 wrote

It may be cheaper and easier to replace it with something similar. You could also get some sandpaper and some of the bathtub enamel touch up paint and use that to touch up the areas.