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stumpdawg t1_iycx9sr wrote

You should hit it with POR15 it will stop/slow the corrosion from spreading and either leave it black or pain over the POR15


Hambone25 t1_iyd8b5n wrote

POR is overkill for the cost. Any rust paint should do


stumpdawg t1_iyd9i0f wrote

Por is never overkill when it comes to rust.

You can.snag a small can for like 30 bucks


slashfromgunsnroses t1_iycykib wrote

Not grind off the rust and sand a little first?


Healthyreddit_123 OP t1_iycysb9 wrote

Should mention we're in a small 1 bed flat on a budget, so power tools (aside from hand drill) are a bit unfeasible. One day I'll have the shed with all the big boys but that day is not today unfortunately


slashfromgunsnroses t1_iyd0aok wrote

Think at least some sandpaper can help you clear the worst of the debris - it will look nicer in the end