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Razkal719 t1_iy6qjcc wrote

Looks like regular drywall with a roller texture surface. Be aware, if your garage is attached to the house you likely need to use 5/8 and or fire resistant drywall on the shared wall. So this may be older style fire resistant drywall.


Citanaf t1_iy6xyxb wrote

Ok sounds good. Appreciate the note on using fire resistant drywall, it is connected to my house.

My house does have asbestos in the ceilings. Is it possible that this drywall contains asbestos as well?


Razkal719 t1_iy7jb7e wrote

If it was put in between 1940 and 1980 it very well may have. But it's not a concern if you don't disturb it, ie cut or demo it.