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JerseyWiseguy t1_ix72s4q wrote

You can buy a whole unit for $400+. You'd probably spend that much on parts, anyway, including an acceptable heater and pumps.


myforkingusername t1_ix74b14 wrote

My in laws bought one of these and it was actually pretty nice lol. I was a bit skeptical of the inflatable part but could sit on the side of it without it sagging in at all. Just make sure you keep the water clean :)


Agerak t1_ix74cnn wrote

I've seen it done before using a tarp/liner in a truck bed. Biggest issue is heating. You can do a redneck hot tub which is a copper coil heated over a flame with both ends in the water, the rising heat in the coil will act as a pump, just make sure you can REMOVE either the coil or flame so that it stops heating/pumping and the coil and tube will get hot. If you only remove the 'intake' the copper can eventually melt as it can no longer transfer it's heat. Enjoy but be careful. Also recommend doing some test runs and make sure your tub is structurally sound as a large volume of water can weigh a considerable amount. If this is just a warm soak for your self you can make a barrel which will require far less water than a full tub.


kdieick t1_ix72rai wrote

No, it sounds sketchy so far. But maybe the "details" would make it better. Depends on your plan and how you're going to build it. If you essentially recreate a real hot tub, then it should be fine. But not if you think pallets and a tarp make a hot tub.


gloryhole_reject OP t1_ix73b84 wrote

Yeah I'm definitly not trying to hand craft a quality hot tub, it will definitly look like it's made of trash (because it is). The reason I don't have the details yet is this came to my head 10 minutes before posting. I fancy myself mildly crafty with pallet furniture at the like, I'm more concerned that the tarp won't be able to hold all that hot water without being damaged.


kdieick t1_ix73ynz wrote

Exactly. I wasn't referring to its looks, I was referring to its ability to hold hot water and people more than a few times.


ZombieManilow t1_ix7tntu wrote

Please ask yourself if the risk is worth the reward. 100+ gallons of water catastrophically failing at a property you don’t own is a completely different kind of situation compared to a pallet furniture collapse. If I were a landlord, I’d consider that kind of thing a lease-ending proposition. Speaking of leases, check yours before you do anything.


Marathon2021 t1_ix73w3h wrote

There are actually YouTube videos of people building things like that. I think they call them cedar tubs?

Insulation is shit compared to a regular hot tub though.


4alark t1_ix74ciw wrote

Tarps are meant to keep water out. They are not the best for keeping it in. You could get a pond liner, but like another poster mentioned, by the time you buy some materials, you could have just bought a cheap one. Chanel your desire to build with pallets into making a deck around one of the inflatable ones or something.


WolfsSpiders t1_ix7iqx5 wrote

depends where u are.

industrial / agricultural tubs can be found cheaply but might need super intense cleaning.

lazy spa pumps / heaters can be found used on ebay/ CL. loads of ppl are careless with the inflatable envelopes of their lazy spa and sell the pump/heater units afterwards.

minimal effort/ great value for money.

biggest issue, potentially structural depending where u place the tub. water is HEAVY


Bubbaman75 t1_ix7n4cs wrote

I had one of those inflatable hot tubs off Amazon. It actually worked great and stayed hot for awhile. Only downside was when you wanted bubbles, it was blowing the cold air thru the water and it would cool off kinda fast. Only reason we took it down was we ran out of chemicals and it started growing funk and I just couldn't seem to get rid of it.


Ok-Return-347 t1_ix7pzqe wrote

Definitely doable if you got time and are handy. has lots of tutorials. Good luck!!


Guygan t1_ix7u73k wrote

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Teknos3 t1_ix7yxlv wrote

You can find a free hot tub/jacuzzi on Craigslist that needs rehab. Might be a good cost effective method. Just need one without cracks or leaks in the tub.

We had one for several years up in New England on Canada border. 240V, dual motor. Some winter Months our electrical bill was $200 or more than before we had a hot tub. It was a 6-8 person Spa. Ouch!

If you could engineer one to run off of a wood stove or other combustion based method, it might save you some Benjamins.