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Some background info: My exterior back patio tile installed over concrete is old, cracking, and in need of replacement. The tiled area is fairly large measuring about 20ft x 10ft. I live in Colorado so we get a fair amount of snow and cold weather. After snow/ice the tiles are extremely slippery and pose a fall risk.

I’m trying to come up with the cheapest solution to replacing the tiles that also reduces the slippery-ness?

I was looking into installing waterproof, nonslip, rubber flooring on top of the existing tiles. Is this feasible?

If not, I can remove the tiles but definitely want to stay away from removing any thinset below. Can I install something like this on top of existing old thinset?



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Northviewguy t1_iyf2q61 wrote

Won't the rubber get covered in snow and ice thus becoming slippery? Deicing compound is your friend.


420after5 OP t1_iyf3ri3 wrote

you are probably right. will definitely use deicing compound but still want to do something about the deteriorating tiles


Sparkykc124 t1_iyf477r wrote

I’m just gonna guess, you should check manufacturers recommendations, but I doubt the rubber flooring is meant to survive the elements. Between UV and freeze/thaw cycles many rubber products will fall apart when left outside. I also don’t think rubber flooring will remain “nonslip” when covered with snow and ice.


Dudeist-Priest t1_iyevesr wrote

Is the cracking just the tiles or the concrete below? If the concrete is solid, I would thing that filling in / securing any cracks and installing on top would be ok.


420after5 OP t1_iyf3k6s wrote

concrete is solid from what I can see. sorry i’m a total beginner to diy, what would i use to fill in the gaps between thinset before installing on top? more thinset?


Dudeist-Priest t1_iyf5j0d wrote

A concrete patch premix would probably work well. All the big box stores have something like that. You just want it nice, even and secure.