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1feralengineer t1_ixcqrnd wrote

Hanging drywall on drywall definitely used to be a thing (as sound deadening between apartments). But if you know the thickness of this wall, then it sounds like an interior wall. Still, they may have used double drywall as the way to build thickness because they were working around existing architecture limitations.

What is on the other side of the wall? And do you own it or rent it?


zeurydice OP t1_ixcrphr wrote

Thanks. Yes, it's an interior wall with another room on the other side. And I own the place—would not be drilling holes this big in a rental!


1feralengineer t1_ixcxg9a wrote

If you don't mind making extra holes you can explore what anchor will work the best. Or you can drill all the way through and create a block on the other side of the wall