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Young-Grandpa t1_ixcyzsd wrote

Another reason to hang drywall over drywall is if the original is so banged up or textured you just don’t want to deal with it so you hang a thin sheet over to create a smooth surface. Perhaps not the recommended method but it’s fast and cheap which makes it attractive to remodelers.


latrion t1_ixd29jf wrote

As someone who used to own a drywall business, fuck quarter inch drywall.

The stuff is so easy to break it's crazy. I've never had it delivered with all 4 corners still intact. Almost made it one time, but a hunningbird farted outside as they were carrying it in and shattered the bottom corner.

Then you have to use longer than normal screws.. ugh

That said, this is spot on. Other than dealing with nail pops from over sinking screws it's a quick ish smooth surface. And unfortunate a common way to cover damaged drywall.

I miss drywall sometimes. But I just had my 2nd spinal fusion, so no more hanging or finishing for me :/


shartoberfest t1_ixfkk6c wrote

The previous owner of my home used 1/4" for the closet and it's basically cardboard. I can hear everything from the other room.


latrion t1_ixhapji wrote

Yeah it's so thin that the only real use this for covering already done walls. It's incredibly easy to break.

I was only partially exaggerating about the corners always being broken. They ship it bundle together with three other sheets rather than two like the other thicknesses.