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ur_moms_scrote t1_ixde7te wrote

You cannot safely mount something as heavy as a pot rack to a wall of unknown construction. If it’s really only 3” thick it’s certainly non standard construction, by todays standards at least. The only time I’ve seen walls that thin (~2”) they were plaster with steel angle in the middle. Essentially just enough structure to support the plaster and that’s it. The safe thing is to not mount it to that wall unless you can learn more. The other option is an expansion anchor and pray.


adventure_in_gnarnia t1_ixe4675 wrote

Yea you can. Use toggle bolts.

Most are rated over 200lbs in drywall… which is usually the worst case scenario. If it’s lathe/plaster, concrete, or other masonry they’ll hold even more. Just need to be able to punch thru to open space behind the wall.


ur_moms_scrote t1_ixe73z2 wrote

Its not what the anchor can hold, it’s about all the assumptions everyone is making about the construction of the wall itself. OP says it’s 3” thick and has potentially 2 layers of drywall on one side. OP also hasn’t been able to definitively identify framing/structure or anything really. It will probably be fine but no one here has enough info to say for sure. There is lots of janky shit out there in the world of older construction and DIY.


adventure_in_gnarnia t1_ixe81lw wrote

Toggle bolts rely on the strength of the parent material, not the anchor itself. Doubled drywall should be even stronger. The wall basically has to buckle around the anchor to fail. I’ve hung a large TV on articulated arms (think lever arm on bolts), in a 100 year old lathe-and-plaster construction house with four toggle bolts, and no stud mounts. A pot holder should be fine.

What’s the worst that can happen, OP has to patch a wall? … it’s not like a potholder is gonna bring down the ceiling


ur_moms_scrote t1_ixea5sg wrote

I understand how toggle bolts work, lathe and plaster is also generally significantly stronger than drywall. All I’m saying is this wall is suspiciously thin and op can’t even find framing in it. I’ve seen “walls” where the top and bottom plates were fit with friction. Like I said, it’s probably fine but I certainly have questions.