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ImTheWorstPersonToBe t1_j1hu912 wrote

I would unfreeze them as soon as possible. The B*tch of it is that ice expands, so just because it isn't broken now does not mean it won't be broken later. The expanding for of ice is unmatchable.


greenthumb-28 t1_j1hvety wrote

Last winter I used a hair drier and patience when my hot water line froze - good luck !


generally-speaking t1_j1hw73o wrote

Had this happen a couple of years ago, it was -20c outside. Ended up upping the temperature on everything inside from 22c to 30c to cope. Used a lot of electricity but the pipes thawed after a few hours from just heating the house more.


TheodoreK2 t1_j1hwcrj wrote

Open both hot and cold sides and let that space heater do its thing.


OptimalConcept143 t1_j1hu3ml wrote

As long as nothing is leaking, you should be okay. Just keep an eye out when it starts to thaw, because ice doesn't leak though pipes obviously.


CaptCol02 t1_j1hvjbe wrote

Thaw it out immediately. That ice is bad news.


PLEASEHIREZ t1_j1hvtkj wrote

Do not shock your pipes with heat. No heat guns, no torches. Thaw them out with a hairdryer, or small.spacw heater. Then find out why they froze and fix it.


Guygan t1_j1hwc52 wrote

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