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MrSnowden t1_iynystk wrote

Well I assume that the hill is subsiding and slowly taking the column with it. I am sure the weight doesn’t help. I’d sort out the hill first in terms of drainage and perhaps a retaining wall. That is all pretty DIY. I think the right answer for righting the column is the folks that inject mud underneath. That will be pricey. If you are able to stabilize the hill and the column isn’t so bad as it is now, there may be less drastic things you could do to level the gate and or slightly right the column.


cloistered_around t1_iyo5d57 wrote

I'd also assume this is a drainage issue from OP's pic--those bricks don't exactly look tattered and torn, so if the column is leaning it was likely a problem with the soil around it. Not the bricks themselves.

Fix the drainage and foundation first.


Decker1138 t1_iyo5f5m wrote

This. It's leaning for a reason, fix that first or you'll be back here sooner next time.


barto5 t1_iyoig2q wrote

There’s no reason to think the hill is subsiding. It’s more likely the column itself is just settling.