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M0U53YBE94 t1_j1ww7ja wrote

Its easier to replace the turlet. You would have to reglaze the toilet. Which I doubt anyone does.


RailMillRob t1_j1wwyyo wrote

If you feel that the glaze is scratched, then the damage is permanent. In my case I had used a metal snake on my toilet and it left lots of grey metal marks on the bowl as I did not position the rubber protector properly for use. I thought my fix would be to replace the toilet. As a last resort, I got out my Bar Keepers Friend liquid, emptied the water from the bowl, and scrubbed the marks with a non- metallic abrasive pad. A bit of scrubbing and all the marks disappered. You may try this and see if it improves your toilet. Maybe the scratches are only on the surface. Good luck!


ZombieManilow t1_j1xac5s wrote

Yes this can also happen to porcelain coffee and tea cups when stirred with a metal spoon. The same fix works.


dudeReallyoc t1_j1xh07s wrote

I am going to try this on our tub, I didn't know something like thus existed. The reviews pretty positive!


Adam2013 t1_j1wwmzv wrote

Toilets are easy to replace, especially if you have a helper guiding you as far as positioning goes.

I wouldn't recommend cheaping out on a toilet, this is one area where expensive is better (to a point). $100-$150 per toilet is a good starting budget here in the Midwest USA.


Immediate-Soup6340 t1_j1xbyel wrote

Also in Midwest. Bought a $280 American standard titan, I feel like I will never have to worry about problems for at least 10 years.


No_Pomegranate2580 t1_j1x1bn2 wrote

Replace it, use the brand owned by the dog in The Wizard of Oz.


Happy_Cranker t1_j1xctya wrote

Seconding. Their patented glaze is holding up like a charm nearly 20 years later.


itsjusttts t1_j1xbxri wrote

You can reglaze if you don't want to replace it


areyoueatingthis t1_j1xct79 wrote

nobody does it though


itsjusttts t1_j1y6n2t wrote

I know, and the thread is DIY. Confounding AF. Less work.

Drain, clean, fill gaps/cracks with repair paste, sand, prime (latex acrylic spray), paint (acrylic enamel), topcoat. Let dry, don't refill the water for 24 hours. Old dingy toilet looks new.


leritz t1_j1xever wrote

Empty bowl.

Clean bowl with some all purpose cleaner.

Apply few drops of some rubbing compound to damaged area.

Use microfibre towel to buff the damaged area in a circular motion with moderate pressure.

Fill bowl with water and wash.


chopsuwe t1_j1xkzka wrote

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canadas t1_j1xr09u wrote

Side note best toilet cleaning is vinegar, coke, or hydrochloric acid if you really want it done. Just make sure you're in well ventilated area if using acid. Or just leave it quickly and come back later


TaterMA t1_j1xjdud wrote

If just showing scratches from the scrubbing, try a piece of brick. Brick will remove staining but won't scratch porcelain. It will also remove hard water rings


moron2point0 t1_j1wzr74 wrote

You can replace it for around $150. No need for an expensive thing to shit in. As long as its got a good flush is what matters.