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Chaos-Jesus t1_j22m2ta wrote

I don't get it, there are tons of mains voltage extension cables with usb for dirt cheap on amazon and elsewhere.


On2you t1_j22owzp wrote

Well those are way too sleek and slim. Who wants that when you can have a giant receptacle box instead?


045675327 t1_j22xcd8 wrote

Yeah and who needs products built to safety standards anyway.


triangulumnova t1_j23qbbz wrote

As an electrician, I guarantee that I can build an outlet box with greater safety standards than half the shit you can buy on Amazon.


horsemagicians t1_j25ccn6 wrote

Yup I’m not buying anything electrical from CYXVIYYYQBR. I’m not saying you can’t get high quality Chinese products, but those products probably aren’t being sold on Amazon for $7.


Ricolabonbon t1_j24jel0 wrote

That's why you don't buy that shit on Amazon. Hardware stores exist for a reason.


Fire__Marshall__Bill t1_j24zo2r wrote

Guarantee you the shit at Home Depot or Lowes is just as crap as the stuff at Amazon, unfortunately.


horsemagicians t1_j25cjiu wrote

To sell it in a store in Canada and the US they have to meet the electrical code in those countries though, same with safety standards. That doesn’t apply to Amazon crap.


Ricolabonbon t1_j250xxo wrote

Can't confirm. Most of the stuff at Bauhaus or Hornbach is from Bosch, Siemens, ABB, Wago or Jung. The Chinese crap doesn't get the GS clearance required for sale in Germany. On top of that, the VDE has their own, even stricter testing procedures which guarantee a high degree of safety and quality.


bcvickers t1_j24g8ec wrote

Do you honestly believe that stuff you buy on Amazon has any safety standards in mind?


ahj3939 t1_j27s9zb wrote

I can feel the pain from dropping it on my foot through the screen.


triangulumnova t1_j23q6ud wrote

And those are often cheap pieces of garbage. At least this way you can ensure some amount of quality if you know what you're doing.


Eldias t1_j24nppk wrote

Amazon is hot garbage, people should stop excusing their atrocious quality and business practices on account of cheap prices.