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Blackoutsmackout t1_j2bczj3 wrote

i'm saying a 6" long core bit. Core out the whole lag after popping the head off.


5degreenegativerake t1_j2be5s3 wrote

OP said is saying the wood is stripped out around the lag screw, not that the screws cannot be removed…


Blackoutsmackout t1_j2bgjna wrote

Ok well they need something to grip maybe drill a 1/4" hole alongside the lag then hammer in a 1/4 dowel so the lag can grip and pull itself out.

That or try to find out where they would come out the backside, use a forstner or something to find the tips and push them out while spinning them.

Drill and tap the head for a 10-24 2" bolt. throw a tack weld on them cut the head off the bolt, close a drill chuck on it and spin it in reverse and pull.

Drilling things out like this is a PITA, you'll never get it right and by the time you are through the hole will be 3/4" from the drill wandering all over.


5degreenegativerake t1_j2bhht3 wrote

You are way overthinking. This is a lag screw in wood. The screws can be removed pretty easily. Just put a screwdriver under the head and back it out. Then they just need to drill through and install carriage bolts.


kai_ekael t1_j2cau76 wrote

I've drilled holes for carriage bolts in a 2x10, narrow side (as in 9.5" long). Had a 36" bit typically used for installing electrical cables, was easy.