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I’m working on relocating a Rainbow swing set and I noticed some of the 3/8 lag bolts that drive into the 4x4 cedar posts are stripped and do not tighten like the rest. What’s the proper and safe way of addressing these? Go up a size or replace the posts or something else?



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ThisIsJustForPornog t1_j2ajjg6 wrote

Drill it through and put a long carriage bolt with a nut on the other end in its place?


nah-meh-stay t1_j2aklxi wrote

And washers on both ends.


ThisIsJustForPornog t1_j2akt4j wrote

Yeah skipped that part. For sure, washers are critical putting a bolt on wood.


kleinisfijn t1_j2amv5c wrote

And domed nuts, to make it safe for the kids.


03223 t1_j2apnuy wrote

Or at least cut the bolts flush with the nuts. And washers under the nuts, but not under the head of carriage bolts, which have a square shank to resist turning in the wood, so you can tighten the nuts.


prexzan t1_j2c0vti wrote

As someone who still has a scar from when I was 4 due to non-domed nuts.... That shit hurt. Been 30 years and I still remember it.


LetsBeKindly t1_j2bnln2 wrote

Washers on carriage bolts on the head end? Those have square ends on the inside, you'll have to go way up in washer size.


nalc t1_j2bwjl2 wrote

Why/how would you put a washer in the head end of a carraige bolt? The whole point of a carraige point is not to


Blackoutsmackout t1_j2b6eg9 wrote

Good luck driving straight through the entire bolt. I'm looking to see if a long 1/2" or 3/4" core bit exists. core the whole thing out, can't find any, maybe a diamond bit with slots cut in.


kai_ekael t1_j2bc8w6 wrote

Are you saying a 24-36" long 1/2" or 3/4" drill bit?


Blackoutsmackout t1_j2bczj3 wrote

i'm saying a 6" long core bit. Core out the whole lag after popping the head off.


5degreenegativerake t1_j2be5s3 wrote

OP said is saying the wood is stripped out around the lag screw, not that the screws cannot be removed…


Blackoutsmackout t1_j2bgjna wrote

Ok well they need something to grip maybe drill a 1/4" hole alongside the lag then hammer in a 1/4 dowel so the lag can grip and pull itself out.

That or try to find out where they would come out the backside, use a forstner or something to find the tips and push them out while spinning them.

Drill and tap the head for a 10-24 2" bolt. throw a tack weld on them cut the head off the bolt, close a drill chuck on it and spin it in reverse and pull.

Drilling things out like this is a PITA, you'll never get it right and by the time you are through the hole will be 3/4" from the drill wandering all over.


5degreenegativerake t1_j2bhht3 wrote

You are way overthinking. This is a lag screw in wood. The screws can be removed pretty easily. Just put a screwdriver under the head and back it out. Then they just need to drill through and install carriage bolts.


kai_ekael t1_j2cau76 wrote

I've drilled holes for carriage bolts in a 2x10, narrow side (as in 9.5" long). Had a 36" bit typically used for installing electrical cables, was easy.


MafiosoStyle t1_j2amiej wrote

A stripped lag bolt is a pilot hole for a larger lag bolt!

Kidding sort of… It would work but a carriage bolt would be better.


kai_ekael t1_j2bcd5q wrote

Main reason I call them lag screws, refuse to think "bolt".


krizmantis t1_j2bhxwq wrote

no kidding needed I think this is the right way


AlderMaggotbone t1_j2akidd wrote

I would take some wooden bbq skewers and wood glue and put a few of them in the holes. This will effectively make the hole smaller.

Alternative is to drill the hole out enough so it can tightly accommodate a wooden dowal. Once that is glued in place, you can drill the proper size hole for your lagbolt.


nalc t1_j2bwojy wrote

That seems way more hassle than just going up to the next size up lag bolt


kleinisfijn t1_j2ann37 wrote

First, give a good tug at those posts. If the holes are stripped out, there might be rot in those holes, making the post weak.

If it's still strong, then go with what ThisIsJustForPornog suggested.


linkuphost t1_j2bztcd wrote

Whenever I had wood stripped out, like a door striker plate, etc., the solution was wood glue and toothpicks. Suspect the same concept on a larger scale would work.


Bbeck4x4 t1_j2dli0a wrote

Cedar is a very soft wood, lag screws will easily pull out, best way is to put a eye bolt with a large square washer at the top to support the weight from the swing.


Yummy-Beetle-Juice t1_j2cnz2h wrote

Easy way... Get a stick, or shim and glue it in the hole with CA glue. Do not fill up the whole with the shim. Screw in the lag bolts back in. The CA glue will strengthen the wood, the stick or shim will make the hole a little smaller so that the lag bolt will be tight. Look up CA glue with activator on Amazon. I use this glue quite often.

Video on CA glue.