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afgunxx t1_j1z0h6c wrote

For the rear 2 legs you could do an X crossbrace between them. Metal, and you can use tools to bend it to the shape of the legs. Connect in the center where they cross for additional stability.

For the front 2 legs, consider using flat metal straps and screw in to the bottom of the legs; no bar to raise the chairs over, just a small metal strip.

If my ideas don't make sense, LMK.


DoingItLeft t1_j1zbv7o wrote

I was thinking something similar, maybe a strip of metal with holes like pipe hanger for the back and a shelf bracket for the front.


afgunxx t1_j1zccl4 wrote

You want something rigid enough that it won't bend under mild stress; pipe hanger metal might. More like flat bar (hardware stores sell that too).