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fangelo2 t1_j1z44rx wrote

Remove existing legs. Buy some metal hairpin legs and install them


Coal_Morgan t1_j1ze3yd wrote

If the particle board is an issue you can replace the screws on the hairpin legs with bolts, nuts and washers and the extra surface area of the washer and ability to apply tension to the bolts will lock them in nice and tight.

Edit: Hairpin legs are popular right now and it'll make the table look higher quality to


MelodicCampaign4314 t1_j1zevrv wrote

I feel like we are venturing into the spend more fixing vw buying better stuff to begin with…he will still have a Frankenstein ikea abomination. Id just put rubber cement on the legs and a washer on the top and of that did not work id buy a cheap used desk and refinish it


NotElizaHenry t1_j1zsw6n wrote

Counterpoint: hairpin legs look cheap and do not go with the style of this table. Hairpins need to be matched with a top that is also visually light and airy. This looks good; this looks dumb and clunky.


Coal_Morgan t1_j20sjci wrote

Counter to the counterpoint.

The table above is closer to the light and airy one by 3.5 inches versus the 4 foot height of the other picture.

Hairpins often go with a table with a skirt and the side of the above table is about the same width as a skirt.