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5degreenegativerake t1_izez6dt wrote

A lot of folks jumping to the conclusion that it is a leak but I haven’t heard any definite signs it is. Do you have a water meter you can look at? If not, you can use any of the ball valves that supply your barn line to see if it has a large leak. Just barely crack the valve open. If it hisses continuously, you have a leak. If it hisses and then stops or doesn’t hiss, then you have a blockage instead of a leak. You f y or have a water meter just see how many gallons per minute the meter is racking up with everything else in the house turned off. Common causes of reduced pressure would be an extra rubber gasket, a plastic end cap, a chunk of ptfe tape, etc. knowing the material of the water line and what both ends connections look like would help to speculate further.


tem123456 t1_izhcqgb wrote

I like this comment. Check that no water is being used and go look at the meter. Maybe you could unscrew the screen on a sink in the barn and see if any stuff comes out. When they install new water lines in Florida they pressure the line and attach a pressure meter for 24 hours or so to text if there is a leak. You could do that fairly easily.

Also I live below the frost line by a few hours. Our water line could be on the surface of the ground. 6 feet is nuts.