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Pinewold t1_izwj0kz wrote

Just soak in water and clean with a sponge. All clean in no time.


Nexustar t1_izwlux5 wrote

That deals with cleaning the tiles, but you've got the same issue on the drywall. For the latter, I'd sponge it, then let it dry, carefully sand anything that remains, dry-sponge the dust off, and then re-tile once dry again.


Pinewold t1_izxgwc8 wrote

That works, using a wet sponge and wet sandpaper will produce less dust than dry sanding but you need to be careful around any compound on joints. Renting a pro drywall sander would also make quick work, but you need HEPA filters on your mask since the dust is not good for your lungs.

Of all the mistakes to make drywall compound has to be one of the easiest to remove!