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mint_me t1_j2mvny1 wrote

Load is always written on the side of dimmers, usually 1000 watts. Let’s say 1000 wats/14watt led equals 71 of those little fuckers


MeshColour t1_j2n40hi wrote

Dimmable LEDs tend to require fairly large capacitors for smoothing, so that can cause a quite large inrush current when they are switched on

I'm thinking that's the reason for the "divide by 10" idea (that is on the safe side compared to the labeled rating achieved by OPs dimmer)

In the case of a dimmer they are being switched on and off at 60Hz or more, the load on each cycle is very different than the resistive load of incandescent bulbs (unless mitigated by great circuit design)


mint_me t1_j2nzctc wrote

Yeah I was gonna edit my reply but meh I mean it would be interesting to see 71 leds on a single dimmer but really 20 would be a hard limit. Yes reactive loads etc etc