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ayyylmaowut t1_j2mx1lf wrote

I hate anything below 4000k. Yellow lighting is atrocious imo, and I can never see as well vs whiter lighting….but yellow does match better with traditional aesthetics. For a modern style and cooler colors in a home, 4000k - 5000k works great. It’s not only for shop lights. Lol


nye1387 t1_j2mzjtu wrote

I'm curious: what part of the world are you in? Turns out there are some strong geographic preferences that are often (not always) linked to local climate. People in deserts tend to prefer high-K lights, and people at high latitude tend to prefer low-K lights—both the opposite of what they tend to see outside.


ayyylmaowut t1_j2n1wld wrote

I’m in subtropical, so warm and wet. My parents have mostly yellow lighting most of my life. I didn’t really have a strong opinion until I bought a home and had painted 3 walls before I stepped back and realized I hated how the paint looked on the walls. The minute I changed out the light bulbs from the 3000k to 5000k, suddenly the light gray/white paint looked more gray/white and less magenta (apparently had 1/64th magenta in the formula and I could see it with the warmer lighting).

I prefer higher K due to the very real effect it has on cooler colors and style of my home. Also much easier for me to actually see.


Redthemagnificent t1_j2n3g4d wrote

This makes a lot of sense combined with the previous comment about location. I grew up in cold, high latitude location and I love 3000k lights. 5000-6000k just reminds me of bright sunlight reflecting off the snow and the florescent lights used in schools. 3000k reminds me of sitting by a warm fire. Cozy


nye1387 t1_j2n7acr wrote

This is exactly what I meant above. Nice to have anecdotal confirmation!


sunflowercompass t1_j2n6qu0 wrote

I think it's how you grew up maybe. I grew up closer to the tropics so I prefer bright, intense lights. High K lights like the ones from CFL depress the fuck out of me.


dilligaf4lyfe t1_j2nbsu3 wrote

Warmer lighting is fine for most tasks, if you're having issues with task visibility you probably just need more lights. Most people I see with this issue are relying on a few ceiling lights to do all of the lighting work - minimal ceiling lighting will generally be there to provide ambient light, and should be supplemented with additional lighting for tasks. Lamps in locations where you're reading or writing, pendants or cans in kitchen areas over countertops etc.

I run into this pretty frequently, a customer will have one boob light on the ceiling cranked to 5000k so they can do tasks in the area, when layered, task specific lighting to supplement would make the space a lot more functional without a glaring, cool ceiling light completely dominating the space.

It's all personal preference of course, but I think most people associate overly cool light with hospitals and offices. Really my biggest pet peeve is people who have an assortment of different colors like they just randomly bought whatever bulb was in front of them (which is frequently the case). I can't stand multiple can lights that all have a different color. You can layer in different color lights if it's done with some intention, but man I usually think it looks horrible.


ayyylmaowut t1_j2nhlur wrote

Lmao I also can’t stand multiple colored lights in a shared space if they’re for the same purpose. We have accent lighting that can be 4000k but all our general ceiling+ lamp lighting is 5000k. We also have task lighting that supplements the general purpose ceiling lights (under cabinet light bars), but we also prefer those set to 5000k, although I have turned them down to 3000k - 4000k before, like when it’s late and I don’t want everything on or we’re watching a movie and want minima background lighting.


ButtRash69 t1_j2mybs2 wrote

Agreed, I’ve slowly been swapping every light bulb/LED panel with bright 4000k dimmable light bulbs

Yellow lighting makes me want to puke, our carpet is grey so it makes it look like it has pee stains with tired eyes and our walls are blue so it gives them a green tint


_ALLien_ t1_j2mynhl wrote

Warm light also matches natural lighting more closely - at the hours you’re typically relying on interior light. High noon is closer to 4000k light. Sunset, sunrise, and low angle sunlight is warmer - which is when you’re typically relying on interior lighting. Warm light is for cozy, relax hours. Cool color light is for mid-day active hours. Most smartphones have the option to auto-shift the screen color temp similarly. Places of work and shopping centers typically have cool white light to promote alertness. Restaurants and spas use warm light to promote relaxation.

But do what you like!