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BigSmokeyTheBear t1_j2n3h1k wrote

100% this. People are turning their homes into offices and it’s driving me absolutely mad. Go into a house with white light and I literally can’t relax. Turns everything from a warm inviting home to a cold prison cell. Just my perception- but I recommend you not decide between one or the other and get something high lumen and temperature adjustable, install it, then adjust it to your preference. Some people confuse lumen output with color temperature- and hence cold residential prisons. If you can’t see get something 3000 lumen instead of 600 and I promise you’ll see everything regardless of color temperature.


nycola t1_j2n5kp7 wrote

I'm cracking up, my younger cousin got married recently and has entered the world of home ownership with her husband. At Christmas she was telling the story of how she asked him to go to Home Depot to get white lights for their tree.

So he went to Home Depot and got white lights, but they were the blue-white ones instead of the traditional warm-white ones. She grew up with a Martha-Stewart-Like mother (My aunt is the living embodiment of pinterest). She told him to take them back and get the proper ones, he could not, for the life of him, figure out how he got the "wrong" white lights.

So she ended up going back to Home Depot to return them, but she kept one package, then got the "right" white lights.

So she takes them home to show him the difference and he says "I actually like the white-light ones better" at which point she tried explaining color mood to him and he started watching football.


fuelbombx2 t1_j2nbk80 wrote

Well, either this is the first crack in their marriage or they’ll be laughing about it at their 30th wedding anniversary. Hopefully, it’ll be the second one.


jasonmp85 t1_j2o6e9c wrote

Why, he sounds like a dolt and she sounds incapable of communicating specificity, let it fail.


sudifirjfhfjvicodke t1_j2n5z0x wrote

I use color tunable smart bulbs in a few areas of my house that offer a "circadian rhythm" setting that automatically adjusts the color temperature throughout the day. Starts off in the morning around 5000k and gradually adjusts to around 2800k by the evening. I love it this way, I need that white light in the morning to help me feel more energized, especially since our living room doesn't get a lot of natural light.


Jewrisprudent t1_j2nefnh wrote

This is the only way. I’ve had a combo of Hue and LIFX lights throughout my house for the last 4 years, it absolutely drives me insane when a room is not properly lit now.

It’s 2023 people, we have the technology to perfect our room’s color temperature!


Deadofnight109 t1_j2nnpeg wrote

100%, I spent the extra for the color hues mostly for all the color temperature settings. The main lights rarely use the full color settings. But it sure is nice when I need some extra visibility that I can change everything to a nice crisp cool white.


ZeroMayCry7 t1_j2o0t89 wrote

Yup. My friends new house has new recessed lights that are a bright white and it does not feel homey at all


SyncRoSwim t1_j2nlb8d wrote

After renovating our kitchen with a lot of deep blue elements, we experimented with lighting in various temperatures. The 5k lights looked the best, hands down.

Normally, I’d agree with you - we use warm whites in the 2.3 to 3k range everywhere else in the house. But there is a place for 5k!

Since we had to order the lighting before the renovation was done, all I can say is thank goodness for fixtures with variable temperature settings. Because of my bias towards warm light, I’m certain I never would have chosen 5k in advance.


coyote_of_the_month t1_j2o07jh wrote

When we bought our house last year, it was yellow-biege, including ceilings, and was mostly lit with honest to God incandescent bulbs.

We painted it a cool off-white and went overboard with 5000K daylight bulbs, if I'm being honest. It made such a difference! Our close friends haven't been shy about saying they hate it though, and I'm coming around to maybe buying some 3000K bulbs as the memories of the beige start to fade.