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gregaustex t1_j2niz9n wrote

>My first thought was that my LED load would be 6 lights at 14W each = 84W and the switch can handle 150W so I can put 6 lights on the switch.

This is correct. These are 14W bulbs, they are just telling you what the wattage of incandescent bulbs with the same lumens would have been because for so long "watts" meant "lumens".

If you are using a normal variable resistor-based dimmer, you might experience some other weird things like not getting the range you want and some flickering. LEDs don't quite work like a filament in a vacuum. I've done it with dimmable LEDs and it works mostly OK but not perfectly.


theidleidol t1_j2nt61p wrote

I don’t think they’re confused by the “100W equivalent” part. They’re asking about the limits marked on the switch. The reason it lists both is that the dimmer is genuinely rated for a smaller LED load than it’s rated for an incandescent load. But then they also looked it up and found the rough formula for calculating that derating yourself (in the event it’s an older switch or whatever that hasn’t already done the LED math for you) and got confused.