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sunflowercompass t1_j2njm6f wrote

I have some phillip smart bulbs. A bit expensive thought and not bright enough for my living room. I replaced them with 3 big LED fixtures at 4k with a dimmer switch. In the evening I use it at the bare minimum, color temp doesn't really matter at that point.

For the bedroom the old warm temps are fine, you want warm lights to go to sleep anyway.

edit: oh I remember why I disliked the phillip lights. They are a neat party trick but I hated the app to control them. If I did it again I'd make sure there's a hardwired control at the switch. Yes it means you need to get up.


lostarchitect t1_j2nm5g5 wrote

The GE Cync smart bulbs are surprisingly affordable. I put a bunch of them in my basement where I had a bunch of individual ceiling lights with pull chains. Now they all go on at once with the press of one smart switch. I'm also using them around the house in places where I can't have a dimmer but would like one.


FerretChrist t1_j2o25qa wrote

I have Philips Hue bulbs throughout the house. The app is pretty decent when you want to dive in and edit colours and scenes, but I couldn't live using it day to day just to turn on and off the lights, that would be insanity.

I've attached "Hue Wireless Dimmer" controls next to every light switch. They turn the lights on and off, cycle through different scenes, or turn up/down the brightness. Best of all, they attach magnetically, so you can pull them off the wall and control the lights while you're sat down.

The only downside (except the price!) is they're battery powered, but I've had them in for two years now and not needed to change a battery yet.