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asr t1_j2q6qxc wrote

Those are not rheostat (resistor) based though. They use thyristors to chop the electrical current (you can hear them humming if you listen closely).

Basically they are switches that turn on and off very quickly.


EliminateTimeZones t1_j2q8tba wrote

Nope. Definitely a thing. Also I'm corroborating your claims that they are too big to fit in a standard electrical box.

I just pulled mine out of basement storage and took a look. Inside is a variable auto transformer. Lookup "Luxtrol WBD" on eBay to get an idea.


EliminateTimeZones t1_j2qb548 wrote

Nope no thyristors in these. Just checked. Just a variable autotransformer. (Not a resistor or rheostat).