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RunTheBull13 t1_j4w9ign wrote

Pull out the switch and make sure everything is still wired correctly. Use a multimeter with the switch disconnected to see if it is working correctly.


The_cogwheel t1_j4xva9n wrote

If no one messed with the wiring, how would it suddenly become incorrect?

The problem isn't "I tried to swap out a switch, and now nothing works right" it's "my lights don't work even though no one messed with them and they worked fine an hour ago"


RunTheBull13 t1_j4xwtmn wrote

There could be a Loose wire coming off and breaking the circuit. Although rare, switches can fail internally.


The_cogwheel t1_j4xxvdz wrote

Still, it's unlikely to be the culprit. A loose wire would been giving intermittent issues as it made and lost its connection till it finally came completely off.

It could be a dead switch (aka one that failed in the off position) though, I'll give you that. Depending on the age of the switch it might even be the issue.