Submitted by Freds_Premium t3_10nzazs in DIY

How would you make the base of this less likely to topple over? It is holding a keyboard and mouse. It's almost doable as is, but I just want a bit more stability. I thought about buying a round piece of wood like this,

I lack tools other than a cordless drill and drill bits. So this round piece of wood is appealing since it's radius edges wouldn't hurt if you stubbed your toe on it. Plus no need to cut anything. And I'd just need to get some basic screws to join it to the metal plate at the bottom.

Looking for better ideas though.



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No_Pomegranate2580 t1_j6bzb7h wrote

I like your idea, maybe add some weight to it. Leg weights around the circumference of the circle maybe.


Freds_Premium OP t1_j6e6ojy wrote

I'm thinking getting a bag of sand, and some ziplock bags might be the route I go.


2948337 t1_j6dlrxd wrote

Definitely needs weight, maybe one of those sand/water filled umbrella stands would work if you can find a smaller one.


f_crick t1_j6c52pr wrote

If it was me I’d grab a piece of scrap 2x6 from the garage and screw down the plate to it. Then I could start with it oversized and shorten it as needed, and maybe replace it with something nicer of a similar size once I know it’ll work.

Seems like it’ll always be a bit wobbly given it’s height.


essaitchthrowaway2 t1_j6ck8on wrote

What part is loose or unstable?

The connection between the pole and the work surface? The sections of the pole? The pole to the foot? Or foot to the floor?

The wood you linked to isn't particularly heavy. A heavy base would help with stability, so I'd try to find a heavy metal foot to weigh it down. Similar to those freestanding floor lamps that have a heavy round base and the pole screws into it.


jaxpaboo t1_j6efrtt wrote

I'd do a longer rectangle of wood instead of round.

Or go ahead and get a piece of metal instead of wood. That way you dont have to worry about stubbing your toes.