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I have an outdoor curtain that blows around a LOT! I currently have the bottom of the curtain hooked to multiple gallon jugs of water with a bungee cord. It works, but it looks kinda tacky.

I do not have much money to use for this, but I was hoping someone knows of something nicer that I could fill with concrete. I have been looking for something like a metal jug from the dollar store, but I have not found anything that looks better than a bucket of concrete that would not constantly fall over. I could paint the outside of it. It just can’t cost much. Thank you in advance! 😊



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cookerg t1_j5xegso wrote

Is it very concrete, or just pretty concrete?


allflour t1_j5xyja7 wrote

Can you make a pocket at the bottom of curtains to insert a pvc pipe, then anchor sides into ground with tent stakes (or concrete screws) driven through holes on either end of pvc?


Background_Drawer_29 t1_j5yd6tp wrote

You could fill pvc piping or metal downspout with cement or sand and drill and install large eye hooks so you can attach wire to bottom of curtain. Also if you have 2nd hand stores in your area look for bell bar weights. If you don't like the colors spray paint


mobappbrowse t1_j5z2ow5 wrote

Get some cans/tubes of various sizes, cardboard might be easier. On the inside of the cans attach/glue thin (disposable) decorative items—leaves, bottle caps, bark, sticks, trinkets, stencils—anything that would leave an interesting impression.

Pour concrete in, insert eye anchor with a pencil or other straight thing to hold the eye up above the concrete.


jimjamjahaa t1_j5vnklj wrote

outdoor curtains? wild!

what shape are you after? any old drinks container could make a nice form. if you need a flat bottom you can turn it upside down while it sets.

also you could drive a steak in to the ground like a beefy oversize tent peg