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Shuggaloaf t1_j4mckon wrote

A 20# tank is about 4.6 gallons so even at 70% you'd have about 3.2 gallons. More than the 2 gallons you used.

That's a pretty thin margin though so I would suggest you find a supplier in your area with 40 or 50 # tanks. That way if you have a cold snap you won't have to run out in the middle of it to refill. Also shouldn't be too large so that you have an issue transporting it.


Tutor_Turtle t1_j4mnih3 wrote

This is the best way. Most people don't realize that propane tanks are sold as pounds of propane capacity, whereas liquid propane is sold as gallons. A gallon of propane weights more than a pound.


Juxtapoisson t1_j4mong5 wrote

Is there any drawback to simply having two 20lb tanks? Switching w/ out leaving the property isn't so bad. Obviously OPs situation is more complicated than my outdoor grill.


Shuggaloaf t1_j4mtp3w wrote

I would guess not. Only issue I can imagine is if the 20lb tank has too low of a pressure (but again I would guess not). Can't be for sure though so I don't want to give any definite answer.