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enc-nyc OP t1_j6jxk8h wrote

I did look up. Yes, was measuring a voltage, didn't think it was one line, my mistake.

Thank you.

Now measured a continuity. Seems like everything is working as intended but light is always on anyway.


abdoughnut t1_j6lt2up wrote

Are you sure your switch is for the lamp?

Are there other switches for the same lamp?


enc-nyc OP t1_j6mrvmv wrote

It's switch for the lamp since there are 3 lamps in the kitchen. There is nothing else, no other switches, no other things to turn on.


abdoughnut t1_j6mth95 wrote

The switch works, the wires are the correct ones, then the last owner might have done some weird bypass. Can you show us the wiring more clearly? Try to get a good picture of where they come from and where they go


enc-nyc OP t1_j6n06j8 wrote

It's quite a mess there.


abdoughnut t1_j6n7xdk wrote

Looks like a 3way light switch is needed based on those 3 wires, is that what you installed?


enc-nyc OP t1_j6n9bht wrote

No, I've installed a regular one. There's one black cord coming from a 3rd switch that has a opening in the middle. Have no idea what it is for as end of it goes to one of connections of 3rd switch.

2 cords (black and red) should control the 2nd switch I assume.

As a wrote in comment below 2nd light works even with no switch hooked, so it's hardwired somewhere else I guess?


abdoughnut t1_j6natda wrote

I’ve never seen that before, you should definitely get an electrician to look at it as the idea of a loose wire scares me


The_cogwheel t1_j6pg8qo wrote

Is there any voltage between those wires, what's the voltage between the red and neutral, and whats the voltage between the black and neutral?


enc-nyc OP t1_j6n8fqv wrote

I actually (with 2nd switch taken off) put a bulb in a 2nd lamp and it lights up.

Seems like it's hardwired somewhere without even touching the switch. What a nonsense.