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abdoughnut t1_j6n7xdk wrote

Looks like a 3way light switch is needed based on those 3 wires, is that what you installed?


enc-nyc OP t1_j6n9bht wrote

No, I've installed a regular one. There's one black cord coming from a 3rd switch that has a opening in the middle. Have no idea what it is for as end of it goes to one of connections of 3rd switch.

2 cords (black and red) should control the 2nd switch I assume.

As a wrote in comment below 2nd light works even with no switch hooked, so it's hardwired somewhere else I guess?


abdoughnut t1_j6natda wrote

I’ve never seen that before, you should definitely get an electrician to look at it as the idea of a loose wire scares me


The_cogwheel t1_j6pg8qo wrote

Is there any voltage between those wires, what's the voltage between the red and neutral, and whats the voltage between the black and neutral?