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1feralengineer t1_j3qt2su wrote

Somewhat depending on your location, but in general wood in contact with soil means bugs. Termites are your worst enemy, but I assume you don't want to bring any bugs into your house with your firewood.

Two things you never want to do: stack firewood against your house (garage or any structure made of wood); or lay your wood directly (indirectly) on soil.

There are plenty of barriers you could use that are cheap and would offer some protection (pressure treated lumber and tarps is one way to go)


Barbadosslims OP t1_j3r9oit wrote

I should have specified when I said a "lean to" I meant a freestanding structure open at the front with a single pitch roof caused by building the front side higher than the rear. I have no intention of butting this thing up against my house. Thanks