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Shuggaloaf t1_j3s6oa2 wrote

Just add a few points to your repair skill, you'll be good to go.


PIPBOY-2000 t1_j3sb5se wrote

What I really need is the jury-rigging perk


Shuggaloaf t1_j3sft7i wrote

Wait... do you mean jury-rigged or jerry-rigged?

edit: TIL both terms can mean the same thing


PIPBOY-2000 t1_j3siuhq wrote

Jury rigging is what fallout calls it. Which is what I thought we were referencing


Shuggaloaf t1_j3spyiw wrote

Yeah we're referencing FO and I never caught that!

They must have mixed up the term (or did it on purpose as a kinda joke).


PIPBOY-2000 t1_j3sqjjr wrote

According to Google jury rigging is the right term? Jury rigged is just the past tense form


Shuggaloaf t1_j3srtn1 wrote

Interesting! I'm from the mid-atlantic US and we always said "jerry-rigged". I just looked it up and found this:

>The word jerry-rigged may be a blend of jury-rigged and jerry-built, or it may be a variant pronunciation or spelling of jury-rigged. Jerry-rigged is found by the late 19th-century.

> In everyday speech, the word jerry-rig is widely used, though some sticklers insist that it’s incorrect. It’s sometimes used in journalism as well. Its definition is the same as jury-rigged.

So I'd say you are more correct than I since "jerry-rigged" seems to be derived jury-rigged and jerry-built (never heard that one). although jerry-rigged has been used since at least the late 1800's, it's probably more regional and hasn't been used as long as jury-rigged.

Glad to have left my earlier comment, learned something new today! :)


PIPBOY-2000 t1_j3stfoc wrote

Wow that's interesting, now that you mention it, outside of fallout I've heard people say "Jerry rigged" but for some reason the fallout use "jury" never seemed off to me.

Thanks for sharing what you learned! (:


Shuggaloaf t1_j3tlcwa wrote

No worries! And when you said jury-rigged I was thinking like rigging a jury. Like for a court case. haha

Also, a crazy coincidence, I was just searching for something and was scanning through one of the links I clicked and I see this: